This website is dedicated to K. Brendi Poppel, the gifted poetess, by friends who love her dearly. Brendi has long been inspiring others with her beautiful poetry which stems from her life dedicated to the cultivation of her relationship with a loving spiritual Father/Mother.

About Brendi

Like most of the best poets; Brendi’s poetry flows out of a life of emotional extremes.  The trials of Brendi’s early life led her into a spiritual journey that shaped the rest of her life.  Shinning through in her poetry is the inspiration and peace that comes from her close friendship with God and dedication to spiritual growth.


Download or Read Poetry

The personification of poetry by Raphael seen to the left appears along with Theology, Philosophy and Justice on the ceiling of a room in the Vatican.  By its inclusion on this list of the loftiest of human creations, Raphael confirms poetry as one of mankind’s most worthy acheivements.

Watch Brendi Recite Her Poetry

Watching Brendi perform her poetry provides the ultimate experience.  Not only can you hear the words in the context of the rhythm and cadence of her delivery, but you can see her gestures and facial expressions which allows the listener to more fully grasp the intended message and absorb the true value of the concept being expressed.

Listen to Brendi’s Poetry

To the left is an 18th Century work by Angelica Kauffmann that depicts “Poetry” providing creative inspiration to “Design”. When beautiful ideas are expressed with words (poetry) they become accessible enough to our intellect to be able to be transformed into things of beauty.

View Brendi’s Art

As an artist, Brendi provides a “low-friction” conduit for inspired communications from higher sources.  Brendi’s paintings and drawings, while more subtle than her poetry, also express concepts and ideas that are a blend of outside inspiration and internal heartfelt emotion.

Read Brendi’s Songs Lyrics

Poems intended to be set to music.  Many of Brendi’s songs have scores written for them.  Someday we hope to post some of Brendi’s compositions in their complete form, but for now, here, you can read Brendi’s song lyrics.

Love Inspired Art

Whether poetry, paintings or song lyrics – one common theme runs through all Brendi’s art, and that is; LOVE.  Brendi has devoted her life to expanding her love of others and this focus shines through in all her art.






Contact Brendi

We welcome your comments and messages. Friends of Brendi look forward to hearing from you.