By K. Brendi Poppel


Trinity is God-union, three-in-one fusion,

Actualizing in potential postulated

Beyond simple realms that we've created.


Harmonizing three, duty calls to thee

Work as one body whole

Unite on a still higher goal.


Three starts out as one I AM

Then burst into the Paradise plan

Our Paradise Trinity never-began.


A Supreme Being becomes of us

Our actions mirrored in the Just

Reflecting, our actions go to God,

Delivering us from where we've trod.


Ultimate Trinity does realize Personality power actualize

And Ultimate Deity, people of three

Architects, Creators, Supreme Being be.


As Ultimate leads to Absolute goal

And Further beyond this thin mortal soul

is the postulation of Absolute unification

Beyond the grasp of my imagination.

Trinity of Trinities

What do you mean to me?

Infinity of divinity

Unity in eternity Totality of reality

is more than man can hope to comprehend

But each God-knowing soul can certainly ascend

to love Him for He is the I AM - beginning without end . . .

First and last


Father and Friend.


Copyright© All Rights Reserved
K. Brendi Poppel