The Test of Faith


A Poem by K. Brendi Poppel


From up on hight, it is revealed

That we are here to be

Faith sons of the Holy Lord

Born to live eternally.


If we choose to live in truth

It is for us to find

All the answers to the questions

Deep within our mind.


The pilot light is God’s great gift

That can lift us from the dark

God’s plan for man is illuminated

By that creative, inner spark.


And every day we can advance

As we choose to do His will

As we learn to live by the light of love

Our dreams will be fulfilled.


For joyful hearts are satisfied

Our souls are thrilled with peace

As we turn to trust our Divine Guide

Hope and happiness increase.


As we worship the One we are given to see

An expanded view of reality.

Within the mystery beyond comprehension

The paradoxical path to Paradise ascension…


Has many dimensions beyond time and space

As we journey inward we grow in God’s grace.

As we reach out with love we are certain to be

Blessed by the faith by which we now see.


Copyright© All Rights Reserved

K. Brendi Poppel