The Nature of God


A Poem by K. Brendi Poppel


The divine nature of GOD

Was revealed in perfection

In the life of Christ Michael

And his subsequent resurrection.


GOD is Infinite, unsearchable,

Self-conscious of his being,

The I AM of eternity,

From beginning, the end he is seeing.

He has given to His children,

Us lowly, mortal creatures,

Thought Adjusters, Creator Sons,

Many forms of spiritual teachers.


GOD is eternally perfect,

And someday we’ll be like him,

We’ll rise to our high destinies,

With the help of our seraphim.


GOD is just and righteous

He is infinitely wise,

He judges with mercy,

And annihilates sins and lies.


The divine mercy of GOD

Is his way of being fair,

He knows of our weaknesses,

Of everything he is aware.


GOD’s love is universal,

Not one of us should perish,

“Whosoever will may come”

We are the ones he does cherish.


GOD’s goodness is disclosed,

The love of GOD saves sinners,

The law of GOD kills sin,

Leaving a real world of winners.


Divine truth and beauty

Tend toward unification,

Energy, mindal and

Spiritual co-ordination.

The challenge is ahead,

In spiritual living.

Can we ascend to the heights

Of unselfish lives of giving?


The divine nature of GOD

Is revealed in mortal man,

In our lives we can reflect

The nature of the eternal plan.


Copyright ©
All rights reserved; K. Brendi Poppel