The Attributes of God


God's Everywhereness

God is everywhere present  In heaven above and earth below In all parts and all hearts he is... There, always, wherever we go.

The cosmos cannot contain him

He is more than we can comprehend

He is in us, we are in him

He lives in our minds as our friend.

The personality circuit connects us to him directly  

While his eternal co-ordinates manage in heaven perfectly.

God' presence in lesser spheres depends on the evolving Supreme

Some dark worlds like Urantia Are spiritually quarantined.

We determine his presence

How much he lives in our hearts and souls

We can choose to have him guide us Toward the splendid, heavenly goals.


God’s Energy, Divine Light

Around him the creation swings  He adjusts with imperfect minds

While  being the Source of all things

He acts with eternal wisdom

His acts are for the greatest good

If he seems indifferent or cruel

It's because we have misunderstood.

God'spower is unlimited

His reality absolute

Only God can limit himself

He has infinite attributes


God's Universal Knowledge

He knows all thought of creation

His eyes are in every place

He's the one personality

Who knows every planet in space.

He's surely seen our afflictions

He knows our frame;  He knows we're dust.

Our real needs are attended to as we do His will and adjust.

He won't do the nondoable

The unknowable can't be

We can't understand

We're scarcely aware of


God's Limitlessness

The bestowals don't lessen God He always has more love to give

He creates infinitely

And upholds the right way to live.

And so too with his divine mind

Nothing impoverishes the Source Mind may be bestowed forever

God's wisdom is still in full force.

We can't know his infinity

But we can experience love This is the best way to know him Go in through the love to above.


The Father's Supreme Rule

The Father delegates power

He rules in an unbroken chain

Placing in his Sons divine trust

He governs the starry domains.


In any planet's destiny

The Father's divine plan prevails

God controls the worlds with wisdom

As the evolving plan unveils.


Life has certain uncertainties

It takes much to make a soul

To develop strong characters

We must freely work with the whole.


Havona natives are perfect

But they are inherently so

Humans learn from experience

Triumphing in love as we grow.



The Father's Primacy

The power of God is primal He created all creation He has final authority In every situation.

Man must recognize our one God

Cause must be higher than effect

The Source of universal life

Is greater than man's intellect.

He is power, form, energy,

He's idealized reality,

Process, pattern and principle,  Presence and personality.

He exercises sovereign will

Is conscious of divinity He loves his universe children From his place of infinity.

We can best know him as Michael

Who revealed the Father to man

God loves, serves and inspires us

To find him from whom we began.


Copyright© All Rights Reserved

K. Brendi Poppel