Shining Star


A Song by K. Brendi Poppel


High on a lonely hill, looking toward the sky.

There lived a lonely man, wishing he would die,

Somewhere on Paradise, God looked down from above,

And touched the heart of a broken soul with love.

All the stars up in heaven twinkled brightly that night,

Angel arms embraced his soul and filled him up with light.


High on a mountaintop, stands a jubilant man,

Seeing through eyes of love, he sees the master plan,

Each one’s a shining star when the light shines through,

Let in the love and let your spirit renew.

Everyone is a shining star of divine destiny,

All of heaven rejoices for one lost soul to see.


Somewhere another man grieves deep down in side,

He doesn’t know that God hears his mournful cry,

God looks into each heart, He hears each silent prayer,

When we reach for Him, He is already there.

Everyone is a child of God, everybody is a star,

All you need is a little light to show you who you are.


Shining star, shining star you radiate light,

You are a shining star, forever shine bright,

Forever shine bright, forever shine bright.

Copyright ©
All rights reserved; K. Brendi Poppel