Religious Living

A Poem by K. Brendi Poppel


Religious living is taking and giving

Sharing and caring for the family of man

Daring to do what God asks of you,

Playing your part in His plan.


Doing God’s will while paying the bill,

Living in light of triumphant right,

Always aspiring to higher insight…


I am free, I am free… Yippeee


He is UP under above,

Everywhere He’s here,

Near, near, near, near,

Don’t fight in fright,

Insight, alight!


… for a drop in the universe is but a bit of it,

A fiber of the filament, … a thread from ahead…


Substance of the Source sends sense and

Pense of experience, hence, dollars and cents

Are tokens of time,… symbols of service,

One more hill to climb…


Our future’s to find

It’s all in the mind

And beyond lies ahead

Simply be led on the path of seraph

Laugh and be whole

Build your soul

Reach the goal…


Rejoice, make your choice

Lift your voice toward the Lord,

For He has endured to show us the way,

Worship and play, pray every day,

Adjust as you must,

In God we trust,

As he takes us up,

Runneth over the cup,

With blessings we sup,

With graces and embraces,

Discovering places,

Wondrous spaces…

A course to the First Source,

Center your force,

Saddle the horse,

Whatever you choose,

Opt for the fuse,

You can’t lose when God’s leading,

Happy succeeding…



The road to perfection is the spiritual direction,

The connection connects, as our will directs,

And those who perfect surely resurrect.

Keep improving your grooving, the Lord’s got us moving,

With God’s Guide inside decide what to do,

If we are true, we will survive and

Come alive to celebrate our fabulous fate upon the earth,

A joyous undertaking, a spiritual rebirth.

Mirth making merry, bury your woes,

As water flows, life has highs and lows,

So it goes, a rose grows,

And rainbows rise in teardrop skies,

We are wise in the morrow,

Yesterday’s sorrow is left behind,

Mend your mind, ascend above,

In the end, as in the beginning, it all is love

That starts in the heart,

The Supreme needs each part,

Dream and create,

It’s not too late to consecrate…our lives to doing His will.


Be still…

Until you awaken and find He has not forsaken,

The spiritual children,

Of God whom we are,

Come catch a cosmic star,

The circuitry’s far…


Arrive alive

Revive in God’s Paradise

You don’t have to sacrifice

Or pay a price to see…


Liberty’s free

At the crystal sea.

We can be, you and me, … eternally…


We will grow to see…

The unfolding and upholding of the Infinite plan,

While we began and where we are going

The Father’s bestowing has had its effect

Our world has begun to unite,

In His sight, there is light

The victory is ready to be won,

In the name of the Father, the Spirit and the Son.


Copyright© All Rights Reserved

K. Brendi Poppel