Prayer for the Fragrant Finality

A Poem by K. Brendi Poppel


We are the corps of commandament

Be you ever perfect as He

We hold the torch of tomorrow

Our love is the key to be free.


Our lives will be divine examples

For future generations

Rejoice in the righteousness

That rules in His holy creations.


For as we give to the Supreme

Ever enhanced in the whole

Every action adds to it all

When we give our all to our role.


Master your ship, pilot your ourse

In the spiritual style

Reach upward, onwared, inward, friend,

Serve the second soul-shaping mile.


It is good to give to God,

While we worship, He strengthens our sight,

We grow in a service of thanks.

Soaking our souls in His sacred light.


We sing our praises to the Lord,

Allelujah, Source of rebirth,

Guide our hearts, as we pledge our selves

to doing Your will on this earth.


Copyright© All Rights Reserved
K. Brendi Poppel