Morontia Mountain


A Poem by K. Brendi Poppel


Morontia mountain

Seeking spiritual skies

After ages and ages and ages



Earthly existence

Patiently progressing

To the tune of tomorrow’s

Bountiful blessing


Upon Urantia…


Dear Father –

Shine Your heavenly lovelight

Despite the darkness and despair

Fill us with divine insight

O hear our prayer tonight


May sorrow be a memory

Fading fast into the past

As we approach the next plateau

And leave behind what lies below

Receive us, Jesus, lead us ever on

For eternity beckons when days have bygone.


SPACES of Universes reveal:


Static and

Potential on the Deity level,

Associative and




Spelling an

Ultimate scheme…


J is for Jerusem

E for Edentia

Salvinton is Michael’s place,

U minor the 3rd

U major the 5th

Uversa has a space…

7th of the seven

On our way to

Higher heaven…


Havona’s billion worlds, sacred spheres, Paradise,

And after there, who knows where?

A sure corps…evermore…


To outer space, inner grace…

Further embrace the spirit sight,

We’re only barely beginning in light.



Copyright ©
All rights reserved; K. Brendi Poppel