I am Not a Victim


A Poem by K. Brendi Poppel


I am not a victim of the  world I see

I cocreate my destiny

By listening to the Voice inside

And making the choice to follow m Guide

I tune into the spiritual Source of all things

And begin to rejoice in the love that He brings me

Profound satisfaction, comfort and peace

In the silent stillness my soul does increase

In wisdom and light, imbued with insight

Strengthening my faith for some future dark night

When trouble may take me, I will not break

For His light is my lamp, I am truly awake!

I am not the victim of the world I see

For the Light of Love lives inside of me

I can choose to walk in a spiritual direction

And progress of the path of Paradise perfection…

I cocreate my destiny

With the help of the One who is leading me

I choose to see through spiritual eyes

And grow wiser each day as I realize

That I am who I am

And can be all I can

By being true to my Self

I play my part in God’s plan.


Copyright © 1996
All rights reserved; K. Brendi Poppel