Heavenly Spark of God in Me
{also called “Vision in the Garden on an Autumn Afternoon”}


A Poem by K. Brendi Poppel


Sitting in a garden on an autumn afternoon

I get a glimpse of God’s grandeur

As my heart beats forth in tune

A mental melody

Vivid vision

Colorful composition

of enhanced reality

Blessing of beauty

More majestic than mortal eyes can see

Is the essence of eternity.


I tast the triumph

Where wonder has won

Where he fabric of forever is spun

Inner image

Enlightening and brightening my everyday eyes

I’m sooner seeking spiritual skies

Where truth is wisdom

And wisdom is wise

For shadowy lies have been consumed by light

God’s glorious grandeur is within our sight.


Copyright© All Rights Reserved 1996

K. Brendi Poppel