God the Supreme


A Poem by K. Brendi Poppel


Supreme Mother of all creation

You completion is the consummation of experiential realization

Volitional Diety, designing your destiny

Divine result on all that is and all that can be… in the grand universe.


Our awareness of God

Enlarges and enlightens as the future brightens

In response and reflection to Paradise perfection…


Then, when every world has reached stability

And light and Life is a certainty…on every sphere…far and near

God the Supreme will appear upon a new frontier


In the fullness of time when equilibrium is achieved

The balanced cosmos will receive

The replete revelation of finite interaction

The symmetry and synchrony of sublime satisfaction…


As we do the will of God, the Supreme evolves

In the far distant future the mystery resolves

In the emergence of the fulfillment of all that has ever been

And then we will begin…

To see the Ultimate and the Absolute…

As we climb the hills of time in pursuit…

of divinity’s dream,

the spiritual scheme,

where the royal regime


the Father, Son and Spirit

are revealed in

God the Supreme


Copyright© All Rights Reserved

K. Brendi Poppel