God is the Light by Which I See


A Poem by K. Brendi Poppel


God is the Light by which I see

A vision of my destiny

Radiant reality

Brilliant to behold

Illuminated images

More precious to me than gold…


Divinely guided by my insight

To reach the dream inside

To achieve what I believe is right

I look to the Lord, somewhat mystified…


Tantalizing tidbits from beyond

Pictures, pieces of a plan

Weave a web of wonder

Am I more than a mere mortal man?


Believe! Believe! I tell myself

You destiny’s divine

You can get there! Yes, you can!

Let the light within you shine.


But inevitably, doubts creep in

This world wants me to fit the mold

But I will not quit until I sit

In the seat I’m meant to hold…


So I try to let the path unfold

And to play a part each day

Being true to who I really am

With all my heart and soul I pray…


That I may cross the bridge

And find my way

Home to You

Home to stay

Forever in Your love…

Forever in Your love…

Forever in your love.



Copyright© All Rights Reserved

K. Brendi Poppel 1996