Discern the Signs of Spring


A Poem by K. Brendi Poppel


Discern the signs of Spring

Are new buds appearing?

First the blossom, then the fruit

When summertime is nearing,


The seeds were planted long ago

Water well, watch them grow

We’ve labored over all the earth

Now we await the world’s rebirth.


After Winter’s cold, dark night

Rest beneath the setting sun

Be blessed and renewed in light

After all the work is done.


Season follows season

Earth’s reason for renewing

Is a plan that’s worth pursuing…


Promises are made to keep

As you sow, so shall you reap

The time is ripe, the harvest due

Love will surely see us through.


The walls are crumbling, barriers fall

God loves us, one and all… and

When we’re ready, maybe then,

Jesus will just come again.


Who’s to say what’s coming next?

Or how the truth may be revealed?

Who’s to know which flock will flourish?

Which field will flower?

What the hour shall yield?


The earth shakes, the wind blows

And no one really knows…

What our love and prayers will bring

The ice melts… when angels sing

We may discern the signs of Spring…


Copyright © 1996
All rights reserved; K. Brendi Poppel