A Song by K. Brendi Poppel


Sacred and holy is our one and only

Father and our Fathers, whom we worship and adore

We pray to the Son, in the Spirit of the Lord

We know you are the one who will take us to heaven’s shores.



Lord, Lord, live in us

Make us acceptable in Your sight

Lord, Lord, may our lives

Be a reflection of Your Holy Light

O delight, delight

In the Holy Spirit of the Lord

Delight, Delight

In the Holy Spirit of the Lord.


Beautiful and true, Your are the Infinite Source

Center of Creation, Originating Force

Our inspiration, reality that’s ideal

May our dedication to You be equal to our zeal.


Always and ever, never to stumble or stray

Our Father in Heaven, we pray show us the way

We want to obey, and become spiritually whole

Turn our minds to You, Lord, and in the end receive our souls.


Copyright© All Rights Reserved 1996

K. Brendi Poppel