Awakened in Love


A Song by K. Brendi Poppel


The new day is dawning, the morning has come,

The dark night is over, the light of the sun

Is upon me, and I see now, as my heart sings a song,

Awaken to sunshine, let your dreams be reborn.

Light, shine down on me, let me see which way to go,

No more will the darkness cover me, daylight casts is glow.


The hear of forgiveness gives birth to the soul,

Love is the reason the broken are whole,

As the day breaks sun comes shining, every heart starts to sing,

Awaken your Spirit to the joy love can bring.

Love, live in my heart, help me trust instead of fear,

No more will the darkenss cover me, the new day is here.


The earth is alive with the Light from above,

Every hear is awakened in love.



Copyright© All Rights Reserved 1996

K. Brendi Poppel