A New Age Awakens


A Poem by K. Brendi Poppel


A new age awakens

Each one has a choice

To follow the crowd or

Your Inner Voice.


Each on has a calling

But in order to hear

We must learn to listen

With our hearts, not our fear.


For courage is needed

And persistence pays

Virtue is valued

Patience earns praise.


Enveloped in light of a bright day

With sharpened insight, certain to stay

Clearly aligned with heaven’s design

On course with the Source that’s truly divine.


Empowered, enlightened, energized from above

Spiritually sustained in the sunshine of love

Embraced in the arms of heavenly bliss

Gently graced by the touch of a kiss.


I am, we are, all of us here

Pioneers on the path of a new frontier

As we discover the truth of our being

Exploring new realms of the heart and soul’s freeing

Seeing beyond boundaries of earthly existence

The love within releases, encountering no resistance.


The spirit emerges in joyful delight

As each newborn soul joins in to unite

With a universe directed towards higher goals

The world is connected, the union of souls…

Is a powerful presence of love born again

As the age of peace dawns in the hearts of all men.


Copyright ©
All rights reserved; K. Brendi Poppel